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Star Trek Voyager Season 1, Discs 3 & 4 Set

Ice on Mars & TreacheRiffs

Star Trek Voyager Season 1, Discs 3 & 4 Set

$ 7.50

What is NTSC/PAL?

Emanations (riffed by Ice on Mars): So what if your entire society was structured upon the belief that naturally occurring spatial ruptures on your planet caused you to physically transfer from your present life and zip on up to the next "emanation," wherein you are physically reborn? That would certainly be an interesting concept to play around with, wouldn't it? Especially once they find out that it actually is just essentially a naturally occurring transporter that takes you to a barren, lifeless moon. Interacting with this society would definitely be intriguing, and tricky--walking the thin line between imparting what science tells you and what their faith allows.

Oh, that would be a fine episode of a thinking man's television program, yes.

Instead, we get a Keystone Kops-style bait-and-switch story with Wang, and the woman he's replaced by is quickly kacked in order to streamline the plot. Huzzah, Voyager!

State of Flux (riffed by TreacheRiffs): Josh (left) and Jordan (the other left) take on the 10th installment of Ice On Mars' project for riffing Star Trek: Voyager, Season 1. What can be said about this episode? It's like all the others except with 13% more Chakotay (the Spock/Riker to Janeway's Kirk/Riker... but with more Native American tattoos).

Faces (riffed by Ice on Mars): Hey, do you like vague, tension-free stories involving miners and oppressive gun-toting villains? Do you thrill at the thought of an away team wandering around uninterested while other members of the crew are held captive? Does this sound like a retread of "Time and Again" in a lot of ways? Well, it IS, except it's really more a retread of a classic TOS episode, and the return of the Phage bad guys from "Phage" with nothing new said about them. With all that "homaging" squeezed into 45 minutes, that means there's really time for NOTHING original in this damned hodgepodge of mishmash and ... pishposh? I dunno, that got away from me there.

Learning Curve (riffed by Ice on Mars): Hey, kids, remember the Maquis? You--you don't? But it's only been ... uhh ... five episodes since they were last mentioned! Wait, what--seriously, FIVE episodes? My god, that's ridiculous! I mean, aren't they the dramatic thrust of the show? Aren't--sigh. Oh, forget it. Tuvok trains some cadets. "Hoosiers," it ain't. Together with intrepid co-riffer and co-writer J. Wilford Neville, Michael T Bradley sets out one last time to take on the crew of Voyager. We barely make it. CAN YOU?

TreacheRiffs features Josh and Jordan; Ice On Mars features Michael T. Bradley, Scix Maddix, Kaisha Meford, and J. Wilford Neville.

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