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Star Trek Voyager Season 1, Disc 1 Set

Ice on Mars

Star Trek Voyager Season 1, Disc 1 Set

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What is NTSC/PAL?

Caretaker: With the pilot, we get a blobby alien who brings ships into the Delta quadrant so it can pretend to be an old woman offering corn and/or an old grumpy man who plays the banjo. It also likes to become a flirtatious young woman. Less said about that, the better. The pilot also introduces us to a race of Thunderdome rejects who haven't figured out water but have spaceships. They like to talk about how useless other races are. We also meet the disturbingly nude Neelix. Janeway decides to strand them all 75 years from home with little to no thought and for vague, seemingly unnecessary reasons. It's a fun ride for all.

Parallax: In the second THRILLING episode of Voyager, B'elanna punches a guy and gets promoted! Also, effect precedes cause! So really B'elanna gets promoted and punches a guy? It's all very confusing, and you'd have to be Janeway to understand. Luckily, SHE IS IN THIS EPISODE! Featuring multiple Voyagers! This is one episode you'll certainly feel follows after the pilot!

Time and Again: Picture a pitch room in Hollywood. Braga, the usual suspects litter the room. Someone brings up the idea of doing an episode of Voyager about a cut-off alternate future, where effect PRECEDES cause. Someone else says, 'Maybe we should check and make sure we haven't done that already?' And someone else - probably Braga? - says, 'No, we've only had two episodes, NO WAY have we done that already.' Then everybody laughs and PROBABLY there's cocaine involved? Maybe they torture a hobo to death? Whatever.

This is the episode in which Kes's amazing psychic powers to—in the "real" space-time continuum—SENSE NOTHING first show up, and ... that's obviously an important continuity point.

You like annoying elf children? Check! You like fashion mistakes that would make Lady Gaga blush? Check! You want craggy white guys arguing? BABY, VOYAGER WILL NOT LET YOU DOWN.

Tracks feature Michael T. Bradley, Jason Freston, Chris Alderman, and Kaisha Medford.

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