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Star Trek Voyager 204, "Elogium"

Ice on Mars & QuipTracks

Star Trek Voyager 204, "Elogium"

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What is NTSC/PAL?

At 10:02 AM on August 27th, 1883, Krakatoa exploded. The result was the loudest sound ever recorded by human beings. It is said to have circled the Earth four times.

The second loudest sound occurred in the evening of September 18th, 1995, when Voyager posed the question, “should Kes and Neelix have a baby together?” and 5.7 million households simultaneously bellowed “NO!” at their televisions.

Now you can relive history! Bellow along at home with QuipTracks and Ice on Mars as they take on "Elogium." Plus, learn all about Astro-Sperm and why they like humping space ships so darn much!

Featuring: Michael T. Bradley,Kevin

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