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Mission Impossible 2


Mission Impossible 2

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What is NTSC/PAL?

Chinese action director John Woo (no doubt cheered on by his own last name) takes on the world of Mission: Impossible with all the great performances of Broken Arrow and all the plausibility of Face/Off (not to mention face removal and off-putting faces...but I digress).

The Chimera virus is the most deadly and least contagious virus created by man and it must be stopped by the most acrobatic and least intelligent agent known to man: Ethan Hunt. To succeed he must overcome tedious symbolism, slow-motion photography, flocks of pigeons, and the constant failures and arbitrary limitations of his grudgingly-written-in team of IMF experts.

There's also some crap about a smirking china doll and a fist fight at a motocross event. Good thing QuipTracks is here, or this one would sting like pulling a latex mask off your face in one fluid yank*.

Bonus! Learn the secret of how to search for a hero. (Are you paying attention, Bonnie Tyler?)

*Historical side note: Curiously, during the American Civil War a fluid Yank was a Confederate unit of measure reserved exclusively for measuring donkey urine. Let it never be said that QuipTracks is not educational.

Featuring: Tristan, Tracy, Kevin

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