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Hulk angry. Hulk confused. Hulk want see movie of Hulk, but why so many small pictures? Pictures fly at Hulk like birds. Which one movie? Where is Hulk?

Why we watch puny boring humans? What wrong with Jennifer Connely? She in coma?

Hulk tired of rocks and moss. Why Ang Lee show Hulk dead wood? Hulk breath smell like dead wood and moss? Ang give Hulk hint?

Where!? Is!? Hulk!?

Movie say Hulk, Hulk not see Hulk!

Oh, there Hulk. Why Hulk in dark? Only show Hulk in dark? Why dogs not red inside? Hulk like red filling, not green smoke!

Good. Now Hulk in light. Hulk know now why Hulk in dark. Put dark back on Hulk.

Hulk ears not that small. Hulk face not beady-eyed ferret. Hulk not rubber balloon!

Hulk angry! Hulk smash!

Why movie not smash? Movie not real? But pain real! Pain real!

QuipTrack? Hulk play QuipTrack with movie and make movie better?

Puny human right. Hulk laugh now. Hulk not smash.


Featuring: Tristan, Tracy

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