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QuipTracks provide what today's lackluster blockbusters lack: laughs. We contribute commentary to turn laughable drama to laudable comedy. In most cases, this commentary is delivered in the form of a downloadable mp3 that one can sync with one's own copy of the associated movie. The process is quite simple, and you can find out more about it on our FAQ page.

QuipTracks has been riffing since 2006, and we have grown a loyal following as we have honed our comedy over the years. QuipTracks is defined by our perfectionism. We might take longer than other groups to release a riff, but we never put out a product that does not meet our high standards of hilarity.

Almost all of QuipTracks' riffs would constitute a fairly tame PG-13 rating, and most strong language is bleeped, even in riffs of R-rated movies.

QuipTracks is also the founding and, to some degree, controlling member of The Order of the League, a riffing collective meant to pool independent riffing talent and provide them a reliable online storefront.

Team Members

Photo of Tracy Bowersox

Tracy Bowersox

Tracy is a talented writer, illustrator, and occasional composer. At 14, he starred in the short film Indiana Bum and the Pamphlet of the Dead, which was shown at Liberty Hall, the local independent theater in Lawrence, Kansas. Shortly thereafter, Tracy formed a Mystery Science Theater 3000 fan club that would become QuipTracks.

Tracy's jokes are so consistently funny that Tristan and Kevin are constantly stealing credit subconsciously. He is also an illustrator and songwriter.

Photo of Tristan Bowersox, a.k.a. Tristan McQueen

Tristan "TB McQueen" Bowersox

Tristan is Tracy's long-time brother, by birth. He is a visual artist of many mediums and a graphic designer. Though he once dreamed of directing movies—ideas for another Indiana Bum movie were kicked around for years after Pamphlet of the Dead, which he directed and co-starred in—he has now settled for mocking them... Although the urge still niggles from time to time.

For QuipTracks, Tristan writes, performs, edits, masters, and designs. He designed the logos for The Order of the League and the other groups in it as well.

While it was once intended to be changed legally, "McQueen" is now more of a stage name for certain projects. For QuipTracks, though, he just goes by Tristan.

What People Are Saying

“[Paycheck] is hilarious. I wish Rifftrax was still making riffs this good. Best riff I've heard in months.”

– Charles Jones

“Fantastic job [on The Last Airbender], much better than Rifftrax! I'll definitely be buying more of your products!”

– Lisa Zimmerman

“… QuipTracks is up to [The Christmas Shoes'] challenge, once again demonstrating the ability to distill complex criticism into a single line. That has to fit between movie lines. And is also funny.”

– Mae Wood

“These guys just keep getting better and better. Really brilliant writing and delivery of the jokes.”

–Steve Carr



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