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Ice on Mars

Ice on Mars draws from a large pool of talent, but is ultimately spearheaded by Michael T. Bradley. They are best known for their ongoing Voyager project, their extra-crass riff of The Lizzie McGuire Movie, and more generally for their ribaldry and wit. They were the first to join with QuipTracks in what would become The Order of the League.


Side Projects

WTF: What the Film

What the Film is a podcast on which bad movies are discussed and dissected. It is currently on hiatus.


OMG: Overtly Mocking Games.

OMG is a YouTube series live-riffing some obscure video game "long plays."


Ice on ASMR

On a completely different note, Michael and Marisha Parker have released a series of videos meant to trigger your autonomous sensory meridian response, called, appropriately, Ice on ASMR. The videos feature the pair playing Minecraft and...just talking about stuff, I guess? But in that low, whispery-murmury voice that, in some people, triggers a spine-tingling sensation.


Michael T. Bradley has lent his voice to many audiobooks (and one video game that failed to launch). Among his narration credits is Tales of the Incorrigible: Flummox or Bust, a sci-fi satire written by QuipTracks' Kevin Bowersox. Find Michael's work on Audible and iTunes.

Realms Remembered

Listen to Michael review the Forgotten Realms series in internal chronological order in one of the geekiest YouTube channels in existence.



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