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Star Trek Voyager s1e07, "Ex Post Facto"

Ice on Mars

Star Trek Voyager s1e07, "Ex Post Facto"

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Imagine a world where, when murder happens, the decedent's memories are put into a USB stick & loaded into an artificial person, then testifies against the defendant. Pretty awesome, right? Well, all that happens BEFORE the opening credits here. Instead, we get some wannabe-noir starring Wang & Paris (they're cops!). Tuvok has to clean up the mess.

THRILL! as an old guy whines about his uselessness as a husband. GASP! as Wang delivers exciting commentary like, "Then we went into the other room." SUSPEND! your disbelief as Paris gets lucky with a woman! REEL! in terror from the bottom-of-the-barrel makeup jobs (seriously, did they just tape on some shit they had lying around the wardrobe room five minutes before the cameras rolled?).

Features Michael T. Bradley and Josh Robinson

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