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Star Trek Voyager 201, "The 37s"

Ice on Mars & QuipTracks

Star Trek Voyager 201, "The 37s"

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What is NTSC/PAL?

At long last, the riffing project spearheaded by Ice On Mars to riff Star Trek: Voyager reaches season 2. Disc 1 of the season is a crossover between IOM and QuipTracks, with each episode featuring Michael T. Bradley and a different QuipTracks member.

The 37s is a story about a different sort of crossover: Uninspired science fiction meets American history! When the crew of Voyager finds an antique truck floating in space, it leads them to visit the Delta Quadrant's most advanced Earth museum. Janeway is especially impressed with their vintage Amelia Earhart (NON-CLONE ORIGINAL ORGANIC COMPONENTS RARE MINT). Naturally, she can't resist waking her up, but hijinks ensue when the curators find out.

This episode is also the first appearance of John Evansville's colleague, Karen Berlin.

Featuring: Michael T. Bradley, Tristan McQueen

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