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The Last Airbender


The Last Airbender

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What is NTSC/PAL?

After escaping a secret mountaintop Rogaine testing facility, "Ahng" (Some Kid) encases himself in a large underwater ice sphere for one hundred years, successfully shutting up David Blaine once and for all. After being freed by wannabe tiger seal poacher "Socka" (The Guy That's Jasper in Twilight) and his narrator Katara (A Fan of Jasper in Twilight), Ahng is discovered to be the missing Ahvatar—a person that is destined to be onscreen for most of the time.

But the evil Prince Zuko has made it his goal to capture the Ahvatar, although it's not made clear why. After Zuko kidnaps Ahng from the Water Nation Elderly Farm, Socka and Katara discover that their destiny is to provide exposition to the audience through stilted conversations with various old people. Once reunited with Ahng, the three of them set out to learn and spread the spiritual ways of Shyamalanism, thus fixing the world.

NOTE: The Last Airbender should not be confused with the animated series of the same name. Any similarities between the two are strictly coincidental.

Because "The Last Airbender" is only rated PG, this track contains language more offensive than that heard in the movie. The track is a mild PG-13 and is probably no more offensive than our other tracks.

Featuring: Tristan, Tracy

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