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Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow


Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow

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Picture Avatar with 30% of the budget, 3% of the imagination, and 0.3% of the color, and you’re looking at Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. Our condolences. If you squint, though, it almost looks decent, and the more your eyes close, the better it gets!

The first movie filmed entirely on a blue screen, Sky Captain consists of around 0.03% actual footage, and it was this practically homeopathic approach to filmmaking that attracted snake oil "guru" Gwenyth Paltrow to the role of Polly Perkins, incessantly smirking ex-girlfriend to the captain of the sky, Sky Captain (Jude Law). Together, they bicker their way across the globe as they search for the evil scientist Totenkopf, rekindling their love for belittling and gaslighting each other along the way.

Inspired by the serials of the 1930's, the film aims to resurrect the lost art of bad film-making techniques and general laziness, with most of the plot being conveyed through the lost art of newspapers spinning toward the screen, and the CG environments utilizing the lost arts of blurred edges and lighting bloom that made classic PC game Grim Fandango so immersive in 1998. The art of Grim Fandango's delightfully clever writing, however, remains lost.

Featuring: Tristan, Tracy, Cody

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