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What is NTSC/PAL?

When Ang Lee signed on to direct a Hulk movie (his lawyers couldn’t get the “The”). He knew that to please fans, he would need to find a novel way of adapting comic books to film. After a diligent glance of research, it was obvious what previous takes were missing. WHERE WERE THE PANELS?! The world of superheroes is divided into rectangles in which all events happen, Ang presumes, simultaneously. So it was to be this core concept that would elevate his magnum opus above other adaptations.

Our rubbery green hero bounds from box of reality to box of reality, hurling objects across dimensional boundaries, shattering entire planes of existence. Swatches of the fabric of the multiverse are torn out and weaved together in an endless orgy of transition effects that would make even Home Improvement’s editor beg for mercy. Does all this relentlessly intrusive picture-in-picture-beside-picture-across-picture digital dickery distract from the plot? Yes! Because Ang Lee understands that fans don’t read comics for the story; they read them for the thrill of the PANELS!

HULK not smash at box office, however. Despite Pepsi’s campaign to rebrand Mountain Dew as Hulk urine, it failed to make back its budget, and ultimately the film caused almost as many throbbing headaches as its tie-in product, Hulk Hands.

Featuring Tristan and Tracy

Featuring: Tristan, Tracy

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