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The Great Alaskan Mystery Ch. 2 & 3

Drawback & QuipTracks

The Great Alaskan Mystery Ch. 2 & 3

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What is NTSC/PAL?

These videos are part of a group effort to riff the entire serial, with different groups taking each chapter. These two installations, riffed by Drawback Productions and QuipTracks respectively, will be the only two available on this site, and as such we decided to sell them together.

Chapter 2 “Thundering Doom” (riffed by Drawback Productions): What makes a movie? Intriguing plots and compelling characters, some might say. But those things alone can’t conjure a complete work of filmed entertainment. No, what REALLY makes a movie is a moving picture and sound. But creating a moving picture and sound out of thin air is difficult. Can’t there be some other way?

The Great Alaskan Mystery may have found one. Just take whatever documentary footage you have lying around and then splice in some stuff you shot in a warehouse in Burbank. Does it need to be seamless? Absolutely not, says The Great Alaskan Mystery. The actors don’t even need to resemble their documentary counterparts. Hell, they don’t even need to be wearing the same thing! Need music? No problem. Again, just slap whatever you have available over your cobbled together footage. If we’re to believe The Great Alaskan Mystery (which I personally put my complete faith in), it doesn’t even have to reflect the action. You can have the most driving, intense, spastic music over something as tranquil as four dudes walking up a hill. It doesn’t matter. Nothing matters. We’re all doomed. Watch The Great Alaska Mystery, because nothing any of us does will make any difference.

Chapter 3 “Battle in the Clouds” (riffed by QuipTracks): Today's movie-goers are spoiled rotten when it comes to pre-show entertainment, but in 1944 there were none of the exclusive behind-the-scenes sneak peaks of SUV ads that we take for granted. Instead, they got The Great Alaskan Mystery, and it wasn't even introduced by wannabe entertainment news anchors! Regardless, people came back to the theater every week to find out what was going to happen, even if the inexplicable editing and indistinguishable characters ensured that they hadn't understood what happened last week, nor what was happening now. But the picture moved, there were sounds, and standards were low. Now, is it fair to compare this moldy old serial to today's riveting 3D reminders to turn off your cell phone brought to you by M&M's? Of course not! But it's also not fair to chuck dogs into ravines or portray Inuits as primitive comic relief, so we're ripping into The Great Alaskan Mystery anyway.

Featuring: Dru and Megan Brock (Ch. 2); Tristan and Tracy (Ch. 3)

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