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Tales of Tomorrow: Fury of the Cocoon (Full Video)

This video riff we made in 2014 is now available here for free. In the future, it may be remade as an episode of a more polished series.

“The World of Tomorrow will be filled with wondrous things,” a dapper '50s man tells us from the dimly lit corner he presumably calls his home. As a denizen of the World of Tomorrow, which is now known commonly as the World of Today, I think I can honestly type onto this virtual page accessible from anywhere via an interactive electronic device that fits into your pocket that this statement is pure garbage. Contrary to the gripping predictions and scenarios acted out by the Tales of Tomorrow writing staff’s extended family, we don’t have cool things like furious space cocoons or invisible, blood-sucking monsters. The problems we actually face, like phones that bend, are far more mundane and much costlier to produce, plus sexism and racism are on their way OUT, not thriving, as the greatest minds of the '50s so optimistically assumed. No, the World of Today simply pales in comparison to the World of Tomorrow of the World of Yesterday, but at least it beats the World of Tomorrow of Sky Captain.

Make your World of This Evening a whole lot funnier by playing the riff that marked the end of QuipTracks' unofficial, year-long hiatus; grabbing a friend; and finding out just how furious a protective case of silk or similar fibrous material spun by the larvae of moths and other insects can be!

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