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Furious 7 Blu-ray w/ Custom Case

The Order of the League

Furious 7 Blu-ray w/ Custom Case

$ 2.25

This is a regular, unriffed, pre-owned Blu-ray copy of Furious 7 in a custom Drawback Productions Blu-ray case. Let your friends and family know you only own Furious 7 to see it mocked! In case you're the kind of person who likes to make their own Blu-ray with the movie and riff merged, the case holds 2 discs so you can store the movie as well as any Blu-ray you might make yourself.

Riff by Drawback Productions is not included.

If you already own the Blu-ray, you can purchase the case by itself. Choose "Custom Case Only" from the dropdown menu above.

US shipping only

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