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Furious 7

Drawback Productions

Furious 7

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What is NTSC/PAL?

Furious 7 is the last ride of the lovably murderous chunk-heads and rappers-turned-blathering-comic-relief that have been launching cars over and into and out of and into again various X-treme objects and people and buildings and situations and emotions for the past 16 years. Yes, they're back for a montage as long as the previous sentence — and longer — of those same chunk-heads slapping into one another and launching their cars relative to that same list of prepositional objects (plus one tastefully X-treme funeral procession).

So buckle yourself into your racing simulator chair, grab a bucket of Surge or Jolt or methamphetamines, and install a sturdy racing catheter because truly this is the last ride. No one could sustain this level of furiousness for more than seven installments, and indeed it has literally killed one of them, so their fate is decided here, and here alone, forever.

For serious.

Featuring: Dru and Megan Brock

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