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Star Trek Voyager Season 2, Disc 1 Set

Ice on Mars & QuipTracks

Star Trek Voyager Season 2, Disc 1 Set

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This disc is a collaboration between Ice on Mars and QuipTracks. Each episode features Michael T. Bradley paired with a different QuipTracks riffer.

The 37s (feat. Tristan McQueen): At long last, the riffing project spearheaded by Ice On Mars to riff Star Trek: Voyager reaches season 2. Disc 1 of the season is a crossover between IOM and QuipTracks, with each episode featuring Michael T. Bradley and a different QuipTracks member.

The 37s is a story about a different sort of crossover: Uninspired science fiction meets American history! When the crew of Voyager finds an antique truck floating in space, it leads them to visit the Delta Quadrant's most advanced Earth museum. Janeway is especially impressed with their vintage Amelia Earhart (NON-CLONE ORIGINAL ORGANIC COMPONENTS RARE MINT). Naturally, Janeway can't resist waking her up, but hijinks ensue when the curators find out.

This episode is also the first appearance of John Evansville's colleague, Karen Berlin.


Initiations (feat. Tracy Bowersox): With Pakra seemingly becoming more and more commercial each year, it can be hard to see through all the glitz and glamour to the core of it all. This Pakra season, take an hour to remind yourself and the whole family what the holiday is really all about with the immortal Pakra classic, Initiations.

While Pakra carolling in his shuttle, Commander Chakotay tries to make a new friend in a young Kazon named Kar. After several lasers to the face, however, Chakotay can see that this child would rather spend his time killing his enemies than summon ancient spirits. The Kazon are strong and powerful, but they don't know much about Pakra, now do they? Can Chakotay teach him the true meaning of Pakra before Delta Quadrant runs out of Pakra spirit and Pakra is cancelled FOREVER?


Projections (feat. Kelly McQueen): When you’re a hologram in a hologram in a hologram having a holo-dream, it can be hard to tell what’s really virtually real. In this episode of Voyager, the ship’s holographic medical program boots up only to discover that things have happened, only to discover they haven’t. A Kazon is on a rampage, but he’s not. A guy shows up, but he doesn’t. Tough decisions have to be made, but they don’t.

Nothing is at stake and it didn’t even happen, but at least it didn’t even happen to sort of an interesting character.


Elogium (feat. Kevin Bowersox): At 10:02 AM on August 27th, 1883, Krakatoa exploded. The result was the loudest sound ever recorded by human beings. It is said to have circled the Earth four times.

The second loudest sound occurred in the evening of September 18th, 1995, when Voyager posed the question, “should Kes and Neelix have a baby together?” and 5.7 million households simultaneously bellowed “NO!” at their televisions.

Now you can relive history! Bellow along at home with QuipTracks and Ice on Mars as they take on "Elogium." Plus, learn all about Astro-Sperm and why they like humping space ships so darn much!


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