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Seagram's Nightmare

Ice on Mars & TreacheRiffs

Seagram's Nightmare

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What is NTSC/PAL?

All right, so let's get this word out of the way right now because it's going to come up a lot in this short: panties. That's right, get the giggles out now. PANTIES, PANTIES, PANTIES. We good? Let's continue.

Remember that last scene from "Newhart," where you realize it's all a dream had by Bob in "The Bob Newhart Show"? Remember "Marvel Vs. DC"? "DC vs. Marvel vs. Capcom"? Remember "Dollman vs. Demonic Toys"? OF COURSE YOU DO! Why? Because they're crossovers, and crossovers are AWESOME!!! In much the same vein, Josh from TreacheRiffs and Michael from Ice on Mars CROSS OVER (WORLDS WILL TUMBLE!!! or something!!) to bring you the short SEAGRAM'S NIGHTMARE! Enjoy this twisted little tale of two people in bed talking about things like panties. Learn bar terminology (who knew it existed?! WE DID! We found this knowledge when we crossed over! Much like the Cosmic Cube and the Beyonder or Golden Age/Silver Age Flash crossing over! Remember how they ... learned ... stuff? SHUT UP! CROSSOVER!) and feel your mind begin to waver as sanity becomes only a distant memory in a fog of remembrances past.

Also, panties.

Runtime: 12:04

Featuring: Josh Powers and Michael T. Bradley

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