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Pack of Briefs, vol. 2

Ice on Mars

Pack of Briefs, vol. 2

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Finally! The fans have been clamoring for AGES, it seems, and we deliver! Because we love you! Finally! Pack of Briefs Volume 2, from Ice on Mars is here. Michael T Bradley & Scix Maddix take on FOUR--that's right, count them, FOUR--VOD shorts for your entertainment purposes! Get your LOLs and your ROFLs all together in one shiny package! Included, in the recommended watching order:

Goodbye to Garbage. A fairly ridiculous short about garbage disposers, as my mother calls them. You'll never look at a garbage disposal the same way again. If, y'know, you ever look at one. Not sure why you would, but…if you do…anyway. (Runtime 5:55)

Who Cares. A young unhappy boy is swayed to the dark side by atonal music. It is, like most shorts, just weird. (Runtime 11:01)

220 Blues. An odd little look at the issue of race. We are, of course, completely respectful of this controversial topic. (Runtime 16:37)

The ABC of Sexual Education for Trainables. Oh, now, what the hell is this? Seriously, the '70s, what was WRONG with you? So let's explain. "Trainable" is a euphemism that went out of style (for obvious reasons) for mentally handicapped. Yes, that's right, this short is about teaching sex ed to people who make you uncomfortable on the subway. Again, we approach this short with only the most sincere and respectful of intentions. (Runtime 19:48)

That's right, nearly an hour of briefs ALL FOR YOU! For one low price! FINALLY!

Explicit Content Warning

Explicit content throughout. This isn't all-out insanity like "Lizzie McGuire," but come on, one of our briefs is about teaching sex to "God's little angels." The original short itself is enough to warrant an explicit content warning.

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